‘Doctor Who’ alum Catherine Tate addresses 60th return rumors

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The rumor mill has been abuzz recently with reports of Doctor Who stars making a comeback for the monumental 60th anniversary special, which will also see the return of former showrunner Russell T. Davies after current EP Chris Chibnall and 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker have bowed out. But so far as Donna Noble — companion to the 10th Doctor — is concerned, it seems that she’ll be continuing her blissful married life after forgetting about the Last of the Time Lords completely.

Catherine Tate recently appeared on the One Show, where the conversation inevitably turned to Doctor Who and all the recent scuttlebutt. Here’s what the British thespian had to say in response.

“Is there [rumors]? I’ve probably started a lot of them! But, what can I tell you? No, I wish it was. No one has been in touch if they have. I’m on the same number, I’d like to say. So, if you’ve got the money, I’ve got the time!”

That’s as good a positive signal as Davies is ever going to get from Tate, but who knows what the producer has got up his sleeves for the 60th?

When Steven Moffat was working on the 50th anniversary, The Day of the Doctor, BBC kept things heavily under wraps, and that special turned out to be the most successful Doctor Who debut in years, in large thanks to the appearance of David Tennant (Tenth) and Matt Smith (Eleventh) together, not to mention the late John Hurt’s War Doctor, and an eyebrow close-up of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth incarnation.

Will Davies attempt something similar as all the hearsay has thus far suggested? In that case, any number of companions could return alongside Tate with their respective Doctors, including Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Alex Kingston (River Song), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), and Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts).

As Whovians, it doesn’t hurt to dream, eh?

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