Former Doctor Who Companion Game To Return Alongside Jodie Whittaker


Guardians of the Galaxy and soon-to-be Infinity War actress Karen Gillan is game to reprise her role as Amy Pond on a future episode of Doctor Who, and wants to see the character share the screen with Jodie Whittaker’s incoming Time Lord.

The former companion spoke to CinemaBlend just recently about a possible return, which may lead to complications of its own given the way in which Pond’s storyline wrapped up in Doctor Who season 7. Those Weeping Angels were on the verge of levelling Manhatten, after all, and the exile of Amy Pond (and Rory Willams!) was deemed necessary in order to spare millions.

But it’s still fun to speculate, and here, Gillan outlines her desire to journey back to the TARDIS, along with her own admiration of Jodie Whittaker.

Oh, I would definitely be open to that! I’m so excited that there’s gonna be a female Doctor. I know that she’s gonna be amazing. She’s one of the best actresses in the U.K., so the role couldn’t be in better hands. It’s just gonna be so exciting for all the skeptics, because of course, a woman can play the role, and we’re excited to see it happen.

Continuing on, she said:

And yeah! I think Amy Pond would get on really well with her. I mean, I haven’t seen her version of the Doctor yet, but I think she would be impressed by her.

Either way, it’s been a phenomenal year for the Scottish actress, what with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle cruising to a global cume of $900 million and Infinity War officially in the can. And though many feared that Nebula would kick the bucket in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Marvel extravaganza, Karen Gillan has since been confirmed for the currently unnamed Avengers 4.

For Whovians, the next port of call will be the cinema-quality eleventh series of Doctor Who, which is expected to premiere this fall via BBC America. Watch this space for more.

Source: Cinema Blend