The Doctor Faces Triple The Trouble In Final Trailer For Tomorrow’s Doctor Who Finale


The TV event of the year for Doctor Who fans is almost upon us, as the highly acclaimed tenth season of the show draws to a close this weekend with the ominously titled “The Doctors Falls,” an episode which promises to be one of the most jam-packed, exciting and nail-biting finales we’ve ever had.

Before the outing airs tomorrow though, here’s one last trailer, courtesy of the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. Like last week’s final promo for “World Enough and Time,” it isn’t a traditional clip-based preview but rather a nifty VFX piece which animates the poster for the episode.

Focusing on the Master twirling his laser screwdriver, Missy with her, er, deadly umbrella and the Cybermen flying around behind him, the teaser reminds us that the Doctor has a lot on his plate this episode. Usually, either one incarnation of his old nemesis or just a batch of Cybermen would be a big enough threat, but this time he’s got two Masters to deal with as well as a huge newly-born Cyber-army – one of whom used to be his best friend Bill. Will the Doctor be able to restore her humanity? Maybe, but even if he does, will he sacrifice his own life in the process?

Fans will pick up on the fact that the Cybermen are flying in this trailer, which suggests that they’ll take to the skies in the episode as well. Traditionally, Cybermen can’t fly, but they first gained the ability back in 2014’s “Death in Heaven,” which saw them develop rocket-boosters on their boots in the style of Iron Man. Apparently “The Doctor Falls” will reveal that even the original Mondasian Cybermen could fly, we’ve just never seen them do so before.

All in all, it looks like a truly thrilling outing for the show and you’d best be sure you don’t miss what Peter Capaldi’s calling “the best” Doctor Who season finale he’s been part of when it airs this Saturday at 9PM on BBC America.

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