Capaldi’s Regeneration Isn’t The Only Tear-Jerking Scene Of Doctor Who’s Christmas Special


While Peter Capaldi’s regeneration will undoubtedly be angled as the fitting finale to “Twice Upon a Time,” it seems the Doctor Who Christmas Special includes another scene that is just as emotional.

At least, that’s according to BBC Radio host Jo Whiley (via Radio Times), who paid a visit to Doctor Who‘s festive-themed set just as filming was beginning to wrap. It’s all part of a new radio documentary – entitled Jo Whiley’s Access All Areas Special, it’ll air via BBC2 on Thursday 21st December, so keep your eyes peeled and ears cocked – but perhaps most exciting of all is Whiley’s comments about a scene that left “everyone in tears.”

It’s definitely not Peter Capaldi’s regeneration, which itself has been described as a tour-de-force; instead, Jo Whiley draws attention to a tear-jerker that is not so much about the famous Time Lord as it is about the actual storyline, which sees two Doctors – namely Capaldi and David Bradley’s OG – stranded in an Arctic snowscape.

Perhaps it has something to do with Capaldi’s parting message to Bill Potts? Pearl Mackie’s loyal companion has been confirmed as one of the leading stars of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, so it’s certainly not off the table. Another potential scene could involve Mark Gatiss’ WWI veteran (AKA The Captain), who may wind up doing something heroic to save the day.

Chalk that up as innocent conjecture for now, and see if you can glean any potential story clues from Whiley’s appraisal:

The day before there was a scene that they had to film, and everyone said EVERYONE was in tears. Because of the poignancy of the scene that they were filming, which had less to do with the Doctor himself and more to do with the storyline. And everyone was in pieces… And when you watch the Christmas Day episode, you’ll understand. It’s really very very clever, and very laced with emotion. It was less to do with the departure of the Doctor and more to do with the storyline… There were tears being shed everywhere.

“Twice Upon a Time” is expected to grace the small screen on Christmas Day, meaning Jo Whiley’s Doctor Who special will serve as the perfect appetizer late next month. December 21st is the date for your diaries.