David Tennant And Billie Piper Reveal A Dark Future For The Doctor And Rose


The Doctor and Rose have to be the most beloved couple in Doctor Who history. Though they went through their fair share of heartbreak, the romance did eventually get a happy ending of sorts. Sure, the Tenth Doctor was forced to part with her again, but Rose Tyler was last seen remaining behind on a parallel Earth with a half-human Doctor clone to call her own.

As such, fans have always wanted to know what happened to the pair. They couldn’t travel around time and space anymore, true, but they must have had an idyllic time on this parallel Earth, probably having loads of kids and living happily ever after, right? Well, that’s not how stars David Tennant and Billie Piper see it.

Speaking at a panel at Wizard World, the pair were asked to shed some light on what they think the future had in store for the clone Doctor and Rose. First, they let the crowd decide whether the couple had any kids, and inevitably there was a unanimous verdict on that one.

“Well then, apparently they did have a family,” Tennant concurred. “The hall at this particular comic-con has decided.”

Piper, meanwhile, decreed that Mr. and Mrs. Who wouldn’t have had any more than two children at most as “they’re quite self-involved [and] anything more would’ve [been trouble].”

Tennant went one further, then, and suggested that Rose’s mother would probably be left in charge of the children. “Jackie’s probably bringing them up,” he commented.

Lastly, after foisting their kids onto someone else, Tennant and Piper agreed that the Doctor and Rose’s lives would hit rock bottom after a while, seeing as they would grow sick of being stuck on the same planet.

“They’d have slid into alcoholism,” joked Tennant, with Billie adding the final stinger: “And died of boredom.”

Well, that’s definitely not the future that the fans had in mind. Let’s all just try and pretend this never happened and go back and watch the Doctor and Rose in happier times. Alternatively, you can check out Tennant and Piper returning to their roles for all-new Doctor Who audio dramas, courtesy of Big Finish Productions.