Doctor Who Actor Sums Up Tomorrow’s Season Finale In Three Words


A guest star in tomorrow’s Doctor Who season finale has summed up the episode – titled “The Doctor Falls” – in just three words, and it turns out we have a lot of scares and emotion to look forward to.

British actress Samantha Spiro is set to play a new character named Hazran in tomorrow’s outing, and while chatting to Radio Times about the finale, she was asked to sum up what we can expect from “The Doctor Falls.”

“It’s moving, scary, and the thing that comes mostly to me is that it’s emotional – but that’s moving really,” she explained, before deciding on, “Emotional, scary and unnerving.”

If you’re wondering what role Spiro’s character Hazran will play in the already jam-packed episode, the actress also spoke to WhatsOnTV and elaborated on her “all-action heroine” part.

“Hazran runs an orphanage where everything appears on the surface as rather beautiful, as it’s set in lovely rolling hills – we filmed in the gorgeous Welsh countryside. Then the orphanage comes under attack from the Cybermen, and big mayhem breaks out. Hazran is central to defending the orphanage. I have lots of scenes where there are explosions and I got to handle a gun, which was all very exciting for me personally as I’ve never expected to be doing many action movies! Hazran becomes the all-action heroine and her scenes are very ‘Wild West’.”

Doctor Who fans being who they are have been speculating that Spiro could be portraying an older version of the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan. The character – last seen in 1983’s “The Five Doctors” – has been referenced a couple of times this year, so it seemed like a return is possibly on the cards. Still, with the original Cybermen and John Simm’s Master both involved, there’s probably enough classic elements to be getting on with in the finale without adding in a family reunion as well.

“The Doctor Falls” brings Doctor Who‘s tenth – and Peter Capaldi’s final – season to a close. It airs this Saturday at 9PM on BBC America.

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