Doctor Who Set Photos Tease Medieval Episode For Season 11


Filming is currently underway for the much anticipated upcoming eleventh season of Doctor Who. The new run will be the biggest reboot of the series since back in 2010, as everything from its leading actor to showrunner to even its logo has been revamped. As such, fans are even more intrigued than usual to find out what the BBC has in store for us this year.

Details are still scarce, but by the looks of things, we may know the setting for at least one episode of the run. The Doctor Who crew recently moved production to Portsmouth, UK, specifically to a small town called Little Woodham, which is a “living history” village made entirely from materials found in the seventeenth century.

From set photos that have made their way online, it looks like the location will be used as the backdrop for an episode set in the Middle Ages. Just check out the costumes worn by the actors in these photos from and you’ll see what we mean:

Previous set photos have revealed that the TARDS will take a trip into much more recent history as well in the new season. Specifically, the Doctor and friends will check in on the Rosa Parks incident which played a major role in the U.S. Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. No further details on what the outing may involve have surfaced, but evidence suggests that it’ll be episode 3.

Doctor Who season 11 will be comprised of 10 installments in total. After the 65 minute opener, the rest of the run will come in at 50 minutes. Furthermore, recent reports have suggested that the key word for the season will be “family,” reflecting the dynamic of the four-strong TARDIS team and the renewed intent to aim the show at a family audience.