Doctor Who New Year’s Special Said To Be A Psychological Thriller


Doctor Who returns just a few short weeks after season 11 ended for the show’s annual hour-long festive special on New Year’s Day. Titled “Resolution,” there’s not too much that we currently know about the episode at the moment, apart from the fact that it’ll be set on the day it airs, as the Doctor takes her friends back home to ring in 2019 in good old Sheffield.

One guest star who’s now given us an intriguing tease about the style of the episode, though, is Nikesh Patel, who’ll join the regular cast for whatever adventure they have in store and told Doctor Who Magazine that “Resolution” could be described as “a psychological thriller.”

That’s interesting to hear, as the big theory surrounding the special is that the Daleks will make their long-awaited return to the show after being kept out of season 11 due to new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s mandate to make the series accessible for fresh audiences again. Granted, it’s yet to be confirmed that we’ll see them appear, but the promos have teased that the Time Lord will face “the most dangerous creature in the universe,” which Who lore dictates must be a Dalek.

That being said, we wouldn’t imagine that an episode featuring the tank-like robots firing their laser guns everywhere would be much of a “psychological thriller.” So maybe Patel’s words are a sign that we’re barking up the wrong tree and the Pepperpots won’t be making a comeback and will instead be held over until season 12 arrives in 2020.

In any case, Chibnall has promised that the special will be “epic” and recently revealed that he approached it as like a merge of a season opener and a season finale, so it’ll be a real “blockbuster” of an episode. That should certainly make up for the underwhelming climax to Doctor Who season 11 that was “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.”