‘Doctor Who’ production company name hints at shared universe plans

Doctor Who

With current Time Lord Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall exiting the series next year, Doctor Who is set to regenerate once again in 2023, its 60th anniversary. Acclaimed producer Russell T. Davies is returning to helm the show for the Fourteenth Doctor’s era and fans are excited to see if he can return Who to the heights of David Tennant’s widely popular tenure in the TARDIS.

It definitely looks like there’s some big plans afoot, anyway. A new production company name that’s just been filed with GOV.UK appears to tease that the BBC and Davies are working on cooking up a shared Doctor Who universe. The company name listed is WHONIVERSE1 LTD. The “Whoniverse” is, of course, the title fans like to give to the show’s extended universe, which includes such spinoff shows as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

We previously discovered that Bad Wolf Productions, the company co-founded by Davies’ former Who producing partner Julie Gardner, will be taking over the creative overseeing of the series from 2023 onward while BBC Studios will deal with the commercial side of things. Gardner is named as a director of WHONIVERSE1 LTD so it appears that this is the division of Bad Wolf that will be handling the making of Who going forward.

And possibly various other spinoffs and offshoots alongside it. From 2005-2010, Davies helmed the parent series as well as the aforementioned TW and SJA, building a shared universe that was pretty ahead of its time. Now that we live in a world dominated by the MCU, it’s likely Davies will want to try something similar again. Especially as Bad Wolf was just acquired by Sony, meaning the show could have access to some major Hollywood cash.

But we won’t hear much about Davies’ new era until the current one ends. Catch Whittaker’s final season as Doctor Who: Flux continues Sundays on BBC America.