Two New Doctor Who Promos Tease Death And Destruction In Penultimate Episode


Things are about to get very dramatic in the last two episodes of this season of Doctor WhoAt least, that’s what these two new promos for this Saturday’s episode promise.

First, feast your eyes on the second trailer for the upcoming installment, titled “World Enough and Time,” above. Unlike the previous teaser, this one gives us a much better idea of the plot. Due to the black hole drawing it in, time is running faster on board a doomed spaceship – which could have terrible repercussions for the passengers. In particular, the trailer hints that the true origins of the Cybermen might be uncovered. Given that the episode will feature the original design of the Cybermen, last seen in the cyborgs’ first appearance in 1966, that’s definitely a possibility.

More alarmingly, though, the trailer also heavily suggests that the Doctor’s latest best pal, Bill Potts, will meet her end in either this episode or the next. “Promise you won’t get me killed,” she tells the Doctor, which is right next to “at least it’s not raining” when it comes to things you really shouldn’t say.

On a lighter note, the teaser ends on the amusing sight of John Simm’s Master dancing with Michelle Gomez’s Missy. This is the first time Simm has been in the show since 2010, and it seems he’ll get on like a house on fire with his future female self.

The second promo, meanwhile, which you can see down below, is an introduction to the episode by writer and outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat. He explains that it’ll deal with the Doctor attempting to reform Missy – but, for some reason, this will have terrible consequences that will “destroy a lot of lives.”

All in all, it looks like Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi’s final finale on Doctor Who will be as big and dramatic as fans would hope, and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves when “World Enough and Time” airs this Saturday at 9PM on BBC America.

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