New Report Says Doctor Who Season 12 Will Premiere In Fall 2019


As we’re now in the second half of Doctor Who‘s eleventh season, fans are starting to look to the future of the show and worry a lot about it. Rumors have been rife lately claiming that season 12 will be hit by a delay that will make it impossible for it to air in 2019, meaning we’d have to wait until 2020 for the next run. The latest report on the matter, though, should put our minds at ease, as it offers evidence that allegedly proves that initial rumor wrong.

Starburst Magazine is reporting that they reached out to their sources at the BBC and have been informed that there’s no such delay to season 12. In fact, it just went into production this very week. Furthermore, they say their source assured them the run will “definitely” air next year as part of the fall season, much like season 11’s doing right now.

Obviously, this information comes from only one outlet and shouldn’t be taken as firm confirmation just yet. However, Radio Times previously did some digging into the matter of their own and came to much the same conclusion. That was back in October and at that point, RT’s source said that production would start “next month.” As such, it seems the two stories check out.

So, there you go, it looks like we can rest assured there’ll be new episodes coming next year, after all. The recent news that the traditional Christmas special had been moved back to New Year did get some fans thinking that this was the BBC’s way of making sure there was still new Doctor Who in 2019, but it seems that there must be other scheduling reasons for the change (one that fans are a bit irate about, it has to be said).

Enough of the future, though. Doctor Who season 11 continues with “Kerblam!” tonight on BBC America.