Second Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Released

It’s a great day for Doctor Who fans everywhere! First we received the fantastic news that former Doctor Christopher Eccleston, would be the villain in Thor: The Dark World. Now, thanks to the BBC, we have the the long anticipated trailer for the show’s upcoming series accompanied by a great promo image (pictured above).

With Comic-Con appearances, casting news, and even a teaser trailer back in March, the show has kept itself relevant in the minds of fans everywhere throughout the year. It was also announced that a new companion would be introduced halfway through the series, though we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see her in action as the second half of the series won’t air until 2013.

Accompanied by Murray Gold’s great score, the new trailer features a whole collection of Daleks, dinosaurs on a spaceship, New York City, Weeping Angels, cyborg cowboys and plenty of running. There’s even a quick glimpse of River Song who will return in the fifth episode of the season, which is the final episode for the Ponds. Some of the guest stars from the trailer include Rupert Graves, Riann Steele and Mark Williams, who plays Rory’s father.

The trailer ends with a great exchange between Rory and The Doctor, who’s carrying an unconscious Amy. The final days of the Ponds seem to be one crazy adventure after the other and only time will tell if they both survive it.

Each series of Doctor Who has always been better than the last, and this year seems no different. I’m sure we’ll be in for some great twists and surprises before we head into the 50th Anniversary next year.

While a return date hasn’t yet been announced, Series 7 is expected to premiere sometime in late August or early September. After about eight months of waiting, we’re almost there folks!

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments:

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