Doctor Who Series 7 Premiere Date Confirmed?

Series 7 of Doctor Who is almost upon us. That much is obvious from all the new trailers, images and plot details that have been released these past few weeks. But one very important piece of information has been left out: an actual premiere date. At the BFI Southbank screening of the season premiere last week, it was announced that the episode would air on September 1, 2012, which has yet to be officially confirmed by the BBC or BBC America.

Now, Doctor Who TV has reported that a trailer from BBC America had revealed the airdate to be September 8, 2012, only for it to later change back to its previous caption that said “Coming This Fall”. Could it be that the Americans will only get to see the show a week after the British? I certainly hope not as that would be a step down from last season.

The BBC America website later stated that the broadcast date would be announced soon this week. The situation is a very strange one indeed, but as a result of this mystery, the anticipation for the new season has only heightened.

Here’s the BBC America trailer for Doctor Who which reveals the airdate before changing back to its previous version. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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