Doctor Who Showrunner On What Peter Capaldi Brings To The Show


It’s easy to forget it now, but some fans weren’t pleased when Peter Capaldi was first announced to be starring in Doctor Who back in 2013, as he was such a sharp change of pace after two younger Doctors. Here we are though, now at the opposite end of his tenure on the show, and it seems the whole fandom is united over their love of the Scottish actor’s portrayal of the Time Lord.

It’s not just the viewers who love him, either. Outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat spoke to Deadline recently about a range of topics, including being asked to name the highlights of his time on the series. Something that sprung to mind immediately was working with Capaldi, as Moffat said the following:

“I’d always wanted to work with Peter. He was an actor I wanted to work with for years. When I realized during my time on the show that he was a Doctor Who fan I thought well, you know, this would be a terrible missed opportunity if nobody ever thought of handing the TARDIS to him.”

The writer/director then went on to explain just what he loves about what Capaldi brings to his version of the Doctor and how he considers him to a “very good” friend:

“He has an extraordinary sensibility, and a passion, and a fearlessness about how he plays that part, and a willingness which I think is very interesting. You can see it in Tom Baker, you can see it in William Hartnell, you can see it in Peter Capaldi. Basically saying, ‘I’m trying to save everybody’s life. I’m not trying to be popular.’ You know, that’s not the point. ‘I’m kind but I’m not always nice’, and I like that … I know he can be very charming, but sometimes he’s quite willing to go the other way and say, “I’ll do what’s got to be done.” I mean, he had to save people. I’m not running a cocktail party. I like that. I think that’s been tremendous.”

Getting to know Peter as a friend, we’re very good friends now, has been a lovely experience for me. He’s such a kind and literate and clever man, so talented. That’s just been joyous. He’s very funny too, so yeah. He’s great. He’s a great man.”

It sounds like both those behind the scenes and in front of the TV will miss Peter Capaldi when he hangs up his red-lined coat for good and exits the TARDIS in this year’s Christmas special. At least we have an exciting future ahead of us though, with the casting of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who‘s first ever female lead.

Source: Deadline