Doctor Who: “The Bells Of Saint John” Prequel Released

Exciting new posters, thrilling trailers, a new prequel–surely it must be another new season of Doctor Who. Well, it’s only half a season, but it’s just as exciting as a brand new one. The second half of Season 7 starts a week from today with the new episode, “The Bells of Saint John”, and will feature the official introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character, Clara, as the Doctor’s new companion.

Clara’s appeared on the show twice already and both times, she’s died, setting up an incredible new story arc for the rest of the season. The trailer shows the Doctor following up with this arc and trying to solve the mystery of this ‘impossible girl’, all while sporting a great new look. It also promises to have the blockbuster movie-like episodes that the show had during the first half of the season. Visually, it’s perhaps the most beautiful the show’s ever been as the cinematography is just gorgeous.

Marcus Wilson, the producer of the show, has claimed that fans won’t guess the mystery surrounding Clara. He’s also promised that viewers’ jaws will drop when the Doctor’s greatest secret is revealed at the end of the season. Both bold, but intriguing claims.

It seems that everything is set up to lead into the 50th anniversary later this year on November 23, 2013. Details about the anniversary have been kept secret, but fans suspect, or at least hope, that all the actors to ever portray the famous Time-Lord will return together on-screen. What we know is that it’ll be in 3D and will even be shown in theaters around the world.

For now though, it’s all about the Doctor and Clara and their crazy adventures for eight episodes. The prequel sees the lonely Doctor taking a break on Earth after not being able to find Clara. There’s a little twist at the end, but I’ll let you watch it for yourselves.

Doctor Who returns with the second half of Season 7 on March 30, 2013. Check out both the trailer and prequel below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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