Doctor Who Twitter Reacts To Eternals’ Gallifreyan Crossover


Now is a good time to be both a Marvel and Doctor Who fan. While the sci-fi series commences its thirteenth season this Halloween, the MCU drops its latest movie – Chloe Zhao’s Eternals – a few days later in early November. What’s more, in a weird twist, Eternals appears to feature an unlikely crossover with the TV institution. And the Who team has noticed it.

The Marvel film hosted its worldwide premiere this week, which saw its blue carpet decorated with interconnected circular patterns, which appears to be the Eternals’ extraterrestrial language. For Doctor Who fans, though, it brought only one thing to mind: the language of the Doctor’s own people, the Time Lords.

This comes hot on the heels of Loki arguably ripping off its Sylvie romance from the show, too.

It turns out the similarities were too big to ignore as two separate official Doctor Who Twitter accounts have reacted to it. First, BBC America’s Who account shared an excited tweet about the unexpected crossover. “The Eternals know Gallifreyan, how brilliant!” it read.

The BBC’s Doctor Who account then shared its own response that had a little bit more shade to it. “Our TARDIS translation circuits don’t seem to be working?” the tweet read, a reference to how the time machine takes longer to translate Old High Gallifreyan.

Meanwhile, Marvel are standing to the side trying to look innocent.

These same symbols decorate the Eternals’ costumes, too, which further suggests it’s their language. And, if you think about it, the MO of the Marvel heroes is pretty much the same as the Time Lords – both are godlike beings who have sworn never to interfere but are locked in a never-ending war with their monstrous enemies (the Deviants/the Daleks). Are we sure the Eternals aren’t really Gallifreyans? One thing’s for sure – Reddit’s going to be all over this once the movie comes out.

Doctor Who season 13 — a miniseries titled Flux — premieres October 31st. Marvel’s Eternals enters theaters on November 5th.