Doctor Who’s New Apprentice Has A Bizarre Weapon Of Choice

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans are no strangers to quirky sci-fi. It’s on that very basis, after all, that the franchise was founded more than half a century ago, and perhaps it’s because today’s reveal is so mundane, that eyebrows are being raised high enough to make Dwayne Johnson proud.

In a new promo released earlier today by the BBC, the Doctor’s new apprentice, Dan Lewis, is depicted wielding what can only be described as the opposite of a Sonic Screwdriver. The frying pan (actually, it looks more like a wok, but nobody likes a pedant) – an admittedly proven piece of kit for folks versed in the ways of home cooking – appears to be Dan’s go-to battle aid.

Check out the image for yourselves below.

Why does British comedian John Bishop’s character wield what is, by all accounts, a rudimentary tool? We couldn’t tell you, though perhaps this pan boasts magical properties?

Truly, we figure it best not to hazard guesses when applying common sense to Doctor Who, and besides, there’s barely any time left at all, to find out where Jodie Whittaker’s next adventure as the Doctor will take her next.

Doctor Who: Flux kicks off this Sunday on BBC One. Brace yourselves for a wild ride.