Does Monica die in ‘Yellowstone?’

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Being a fan of Yellowstone means knowing that your favorite character will likely go through something painful or traumatic. Not one character in the series has had an easy road thus far, and it looks like that trend will continue as we all tune in for season four.

Some of our favorite residents of the Dutton Ranch have faced unfathomable circumstances, heartwrenching losses, and have been at war with themselves as the fight for Yellowstone continues. Each season brings new foes with personal and financial vendettas against the Duttons as well as other motivations for coming in and shaking things up. It seems that an attack against the ranch is always looming, and they happen in both obvious and discreet ways.

One character who knows the painful road that being a Dutton can bring is Kayce Dutton’s wife, Monica. Marrying into the family means that she’s had a different path in life than the rest of the Dutton clan, and while John Dutton’s children have had varying degrees of dedication to their father and protecting their land, Monica feels differently toward everything her husband’s family stands for.

Monica is a Native American who resided on Broken Rock Indian Reservation with her family. The solace she finds there is unlike the uncertainty she feels at the Dutton Ranch. It’s also part of why she has difficulty coming to terms with the Dutton name. She knows the Duttons’ land is a cause of strife for many, and for good reason.

Chief Rainwater, the Broken Rock Indian Reservation leader, has stated several times throughout the series that Yellowstone’s Dutton Ranch is stolen land. That sentiment is being further explored in the new spin-off 1883, which aired its first episode on Sunday, Dec. 19.

Monica’s heritage is vital to her, and her character arc focuses primarily on navigating who she is and who she feels she should be within the Dutton world. How can she honor herself and fit into their lives? It’s been a balancing act, one that has led her into some dangerous situations, but season four seems to have brought some light back into the lives of Monica and her family members.

Warning: Spoilers follow for season four of Yellowstone. 

In recent episodes, Monica and Kayce purchase their own home off of the Dutton ranch and she actually reveals to him that she’s pregnant. This means that Monica is alive and well as Yellowstone’s drama-filled fourth season continues. 

Casual fans of the series may be concerned with her fate for many valid reasons. Monica experiences a severe injury during season one when she attempts to break up a fight between two boys at her school. That injury causes a ripple effect of change in her life, some of which we discussed earlier on. It also causes strife within her relationship with Kayce.

In addition to her injury, Monica and Kayce’s son Tate is kidnapped from the Dutton Ranch and suffers trauma once he’s safely returned home. Of course, fans of Yellowstone also know that lives hung in the balance at the end of season three. When season four premiered, Tate was forced to make a decision that further changed him when he had to shoot someone to protect himself and his mother.

Monica has undoubtedly been in many situations where her future wasn’t promised and fans were concerned about whether or not she’d survive. While she’s a character that undeniably has both fans and foes, she’s critical to the storyline, and Kayce loves her. She’s someone who has left a mark on the Dutton family and fans of the series, for better or for worse.

You can see more of Monica Dutton on Yellowstone Sunday nights on Paramount, and with the news of her pregnancy, you won’t want to miss what twists and turns lie in store for both her and Kayce.