Does Peacemaker have a brother?

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Content warning: This article contains spoilers for Peacemaker as well as a contextual mention of a character’s death by suicide.

DC has bolstered its TV offerings with one of its most impressive additions yet, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad spinoff series Peacemaker.

The show gives audiences a deeper look into the life of Christopher Smith following the events of the film, which ended with him in the hospital. Over the course of the first season’s eight-episode run, we learn a ton of new information about the character, his motivations, and even his origin story.

One of the things that DC fans might be wondering as they begin their watch of the series is how Peacemaker’s family is structured. After meeting his dad in episode one, it’s clear things aren’t as simple in the Smith family as they might seem, especially in regards to Chris’ absent sibling.

Does Peacemaker have a brother?


In the DCEU series Peacemaker, yes, Christopher Smith has a brother. His name is Keith Smith and we meet him in a series of flashbacks in a few of the first season’s episodes.

Keith isn’t a major character in the show in terms of physical presence, but he does play a massive part in the overarching narrative, especially pertaining to the decisions made by Peacemaker and his father, aka White Dragon. Those who have seen the series will know exactly how big of a role Keith plays, even in moments when his name isn’t directly mentioned.

While in the DCEU Keith is a big part of Peacemaker’s origin story, in the comics the character doesn’t exist at all. Peacemaker’s comic book origin was completely changed for TV. For example, in the comics, the character is forever changed after he witnesses his father’s suicide at five years old. In the series, Chris’ father is very much alive, but his brother Keith is not. Chris actually spends a good deal of the first season trying to cope with his brother’s loss, which isn’t easy when you factor in that it was Chris who accidentally killed him.

Peacemaker has been renewed for a second season on HBO Max, so we could potentially find out more about Keith and his childhood alongside Chris in future episodes. There’s also the chance that we’ll learn even more about Chris and Keith’s father despite how that particular subplot wrapped up.