Don’t Expect To See Earth-38 Versions Of Flash And Green Arrow On Supergirl Or Vice Versa

One thing that many of us can probably agree on is that The CW is consistently knocking it out of the park when it comes to their lineup of DC TV shows. Their most recent acquisition, Supergirl, has taken things to a new level in its second season, but viewers have often lamented that it isn’t technically part of the Arrowverse.

With Kara existing on Earth-38 and the rest of the shows taking place on Earth-1, the writers have had to come up with crafty ways for her to jump dimensional barriers any time a crossover occurs, another of which will see the Girl of Steel reunite with the Flash in a matter of weeks.

Recently, it was said that next season’s mega DC TV crossover will truly see four shows intermingle in ways unable to be achieved this year due to scheduling complications. Needless to say, we can still hold out hope that something akin to Crisis on Infinite Earths will occur before long, thus causing each universe to merge into one.

But until such a thing happens, some fans have raised questions about whether an Earth-1 version of Kara is running around, or if we’ll ever meet Earth-38’s counterparts for Oliver Queen or Barry Allen, to which executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently told reporters, “the problem with that is if we do that once, we’re going to open the floodgates of insanity” before adding that there would need to be “a really good story” for such a thing to happen.

Honestly, it’s probably best to not go that route because not only have they pretty much outright said Barry and Oliver don’t exist on Earth-38 and vice versa in episodes already aired, but all future crossovers would be rendered useless. I mean, what would be the point of having Supergirl team up with the Green Arrow and Flash we all know and love when she has some of her own?

Furthermore, you’d fall into the trapping of calling on your own universe’s version of said heroes whenever a dire situation arises. In other words, let’s just stay on course. Well, we could meet a villainous doppelganger like the Blue Bowman, but still.

Source: TV Line