Doom Patrol’s Crazy Jane Will Be A Harley Quinn-Esque Character


One of the brand new shows coming to the DC Universe streaming service over late 2018 and 2019 is Doom Patrol. A spinoff of Titans, as the team will debut on that series first, the show will follow a band of misfit metahumans who become an unlikely superhero fighting force. With other projects in the works including Swamp ThingDoom Patrol is by far the most obscure property that DC Universe is bringing to wider audiences, but it seems they’re hoping to turn these lesser-known characters into new fan favorites.

That Hashtag Show has reported that Doom Patrol is now casting for Crazy Jane, a member of the team. The site has got hold of some info on the role, too, and has revealed that Jane will be “somewhere in her 20s” and will possess “several personalities.” The most intriguing detail is that THS claims she’ll be portrayed as “a bit of a Harley Quinn-esque character.”

Presumably, this means that Crazy Jane will possess a similar kooky demeanor to the Joker’s beloved (well, by the fans, not the villain himself) girlfriend. It’s a smart move for Doom Patrol‘s production team to base one of their characters around someone as popular as Harley Quinn, too, as fans of the anti-heroine will already be viewing DC Universe to catch the Clown Princess of Crime’s own animated series.

Crazy Jane – real name Kay Challis –  was originally created in 1989 by legendary scribe Grant Morrison and artist Richard Case. In the comics, Jane suffers from extreme dissociative identity disorder, possessing 64 separate personalities. As a metahuman, each of these personalities comes with their own superpower. If the TV versions hues close to the source material, she could make for a great addition to the line-up.

Speaking of which, the rest of Doom Patrol‘s team consists of Robotman (Jake Michaels), Elasti-Girl (April Bowby) and Negative Man (Dwain Murphy). The trio will first debut in episode 5 of Titans and while Bruno Birchir will also turn up in that show as DP’s boss the Chief, it’s rumored that DC’s seeking to replace Birchir with Kelsey Grammer for the spinoff itself.