Downton Abbey Renewed For Fourth Season

Downton Abbey, presumably the most British show ever, has been renewed for a fourth season, assuring a whole array of new episodes loosely drenched in English history and with the sounds of meaningful footsteps caressing those extremely well-polished floors. Yes, ITV have confirmed that the series – which has garnered a hugely surprising transatlantic following – will return to UK screens next fall, promising that “viewers can look forward to more drama, comedy, love, hatred, jealousy, rivalry, ambition, despair and romance,” basically meaning that no theme or human emotional will be left out.

Dan Stevens, however, who plays Matthew Crawley, is rumored to be leaving the show after appearing in a single episode of the fourth series, though this is yet to be properly confirmed and may just turn out to be the kind of gossip that might rile up the waistcoat-clad characters of this very show.

Downton Abbey has, of course, won Emmys and Golden Globes up to its eyeballs, confirming that, yes, anything British that finds itself imported to America will always be successful, because isn’t it funny the way they talk?

Source: EW