Dracula Untold Writers To Script Lost In Space Reboot For Legendary TV

lost in space

Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Fans of ’60s cult television might want to sit down for this one – Legendary TV is pushing forward with a reboot of the classic series Lost in Space, and now it has been revealed that the company has signed Dracula Untold scribes Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless to write the adapation.

The original Irwin Allen series was set 30 years in the future (1997) and focused on a U.S. attempt to colonize deep space by sending a single family, the Robinsons, hurtling into the great unknown on a five-and-a-half year voyage to another planet. However, Dr. Zachary Smith, a spy working for a foreign nation, sabotages the mission, causing the Robinsons and their ship to become lost in space.

Though Lost in Space holds cult status today, it was never exceptionally popular during its run and in fact aired for just three seasons on CBS. Still, Sazama and Sharpless recently rebooted Dracula for Universal (though our own Matt Donato was unenthusiastic about their job on that project, writing that they delivered “an empty script that’s more hollow than a batcave”). Legendary TV is likely hoping that the duo can accomplish a similar feat with Lost in Space, bringing it into the present day and creating a series that will appeal to modern audiences.

Deadline reported that the series is a “passion project” over at Legendary, so it seems likely that we’ll be seeing a Lost in Space series sooner or later. Whether Sazama and Sharpless will be the ones to manage it (Doug Petrie took a swing in 2003, but his take never made it to series) remains to be seen.

Tell us, are you interested in seeing another Lost in Space series, perhaps with a grittier tone or updated futuristic setting? Or is this just another heartless attempt to milk a classic series for a few more dollars at the expense of any nostalgia the original might still evoke? Let us know below!