Drake Bell Continues To Tease Role As Robin/Nightwing


After waiting for years to see the character come to the big screen, Nightwing fans are in for a treat, as Dick Grayson is finally going to get his own TV show and feature film. Alongside Chris McKay’s Nightwing DCEU movie, the Titans TV series will star the former Boy Wonder in the lead role. While there’s been no casting news for either project just yet, one actor in particular has been teasing his involvement pretty heavily recently.

Following on from posting the Robin logo the other day, Drake Bell has now shared some not so cryptic tweets on his Twitter account. The first includes a picture of Dick Van Dyke, the colour grey and the sun. Put it all together, and what do you get? It’s OK, take your time…

As if the first Tweet wasn’t clear enough, Bell then followed it up with another one – this time containing a picture of a knight’s suit of armour and some chicken wings. This, of course, points to famous superhero Chicken-Knight Nightwing.

Bell’s recent Tweets clearly point to him either landing the role of Grayson or at least being in the running for it. The question now is: which is he is linked to? The movie or the TV show? Going by Bell’s mostly TV-centric filmography, we’d lean to him being cast in Titans. However, the actor has had a few movie credits, so he could be about to break into Hollywood.

Either way, you can see why Bell would be a good fit for the part of Nightwing. He definitely has the look and physique for the character, and he’s even played a couple of superheroes before. He voiced Peter Parker in Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and portrayed the main character Dragonfly in spoof Superhero Movie. 

The Nightwing movie is rumoured to be on its way to production soon, while Titans, on the other hand, is set to begin filming this September before premiering on a new DC-only digital service in 2018. Again, no casting news to report for either project just yet, but we’ll let you know when we learn more.

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