Draw Something Moves From The Touchscreen To The Small Screen

TV network CBS and game developer Zynga are hard at work producing the pilot episode of a brand new game show, which will be based around the hit picture-guessing mobile game, Draw Something. With over 50 million downloads recorded worldwide, it’s not surprising that many other networks were involved in a bidding war to cash in on the game’s incredible popularity.

CBS is partnering with production companies Embassy Row, Sony Pictures Television, and Ryan Seacrest Productions, in order to bring this project to realization.

The show seems pretty straightforward, with players and celebrity guests drawing pictures to convey a guess-word to their partners. Though, executive producer Ryan Seacrest has added extra detail to that basic premise:

“…viewers at home will also be able play along and compete with for prizes using phones and tablets, ushering in a new era in game show viewing.”

We don’t know if Seacrest is right about “a new era in game show viewing” as this wouldn’t be the first time that TV networks have attempted to capitalize on the success of popular games. Examples go as far back as the days of Pictionary and Win, Lose or Draw. But, if networks do continue following this trend, you can be sure that we’ll be first in line to watch Survivor: Donkey Kong Island

According to Varietythe Draw Something game show isn’t likely to premiere on CBS this year. However, they say that we can expect the show to appear on the network’s mid-season schedule.