Drew Goddard Rumoured To Have Left Marvel’s Daredevil Show


What a Memorial Day Weekend this is shaping up to be for Marvel. Following on from yesterday’s shocking news concerning Edgar Wright’s exit from the much-awaited Ant-Man, Latino Review have learned of yet another departure from the comic book family. According to their sources, Drew Goddard has bowed out of Marvel’s Netflix TV show, Daredevil.

Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods, Cloverfield) signed on late last year to write, direct and produce the pilot, before taking the reins as showrunner. Fans rejoiced at the prospect of a fresh set of eyes commandeering the property – especially after the failed features were unable to do Daredevil justice. Set to debut in 2015, Goddard’s take on Matt Murdoch was to extend across a 13-episode run, which now will fall into the hands of another. If he has indeed left the project, it’s likely due to the fact he signed on to write and direct Sinister Six for Sony. A fanboy favourite, the flick was hinted at in this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as a spin-off to Spidey’s hijinks.

A lot of chatter following that news focused on the insanely-packed slate that Goddard had before him. If today’s reports are accurate, then it would appear that this was definitely the case. Juggling the monstrosity of an entire TV show, as well as scribbling and directing a pivotal spin-off for rival studio, Sony… it wouldn’t be a surprise if the pressure of being torn between two studios was to blame.

Or, was decision to exit based entirely upon his preferred superheroes? Sinister Six, with their sprawling ensemble, could have provided a wider pool from which to source ideas. Who knows right now – the reports are still unconfirmed, and are likely to remain so until Tuesday.

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