Early plans for ‘Hawkeye’ finale reportedly had Kate Bishop reuniting with her father

hawkeye kate bishop

Marvel Studios launched Hawkeye back in November of last year, but now it appears that a key part of the series premiere wasn’t always the plan.

The series, which has now completed airing, kicked off with Kate Bishop as a child while the events of The Avenger’s Chitauri invasion take place outside her parent’s apartment. In this first sequence we find out Bishop’s dad died during the attack on New York, but this wasn’t always the plan.

According to Lizzie Hill of the Cosmic Circus, early into Hawkeye’s production, the plan was to reveal in the series finale that Kate’s father Derek Bishop was not dead. The season would have concluded with him emerging from hiding and returning to Kate.

Ultimately, this plot twist met the cutting room floor before the show began filming, but as Hill suggests, it could come back around as a twist in a future season of the series.

The opening scene of Hawkeye was the only time in the series that we saw Derek Bishop with some of his comic book origins being attributed instead to Kate’s mother Eleanor Bishop.

Hawkeye had plenty of characters and twists to tide fans over for its six-episode run, but some fans were left disappointed and wanting more from the show. Even its conclusion left questions, such as Kingpin’s fate indicating that a second season of the show or a future MCU Disney Plus project could tie up these loose ends and offer a more conclusive ending to fans.

Plans for a second season of the show aren’t clear right now so Marvel fans will need to sit tight and wait for any official news on the project.