First Look At Echo Kellum As Mr. Terrific In Season 4 Of Arrow

Mr Terrific

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Echo Kellum will play Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific in season four of Arrow. Holt will be an openly gay character in The CW series, a departure from the comic book version, but one which will bring even more diversity to the show. He’ll be working with Felicity in Palmer Industries, but whether or not we’ll see him become Mr. Terrific is unclear at this time.

Either way, Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim had this to say about casting Kellum and what we should expect from Mr. Terrific when he makes his small screen debut:

“Curtis is someone we started talking about [in the writers room] at the end of last year, out of a desire to fill in some gaps in terms of the cast and storytelling. [He] fills the same role Brandon [Routh] filled last year. No one will compare the two. It is really a different performance than Brandon’s. Echo has quickly become an MVP of the cast. I think a lot of people will compare him favorably to the addition of Emily in Season 1. He has this wonderful energy.”

It sounds like he’ll bring a lot to Arrow then, and we’re certainly excited to see the character make his appearance.

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Source: TV Insider