Eddie Izzard Adapting Junior Bender For NBC

Eddie Izzard in Hannibal

There’s not enough Eddie Izzard to go around. The comedian has his hands in quite a number of pots right now. Having appeared as a supporting player in films like Ocean’s Twelve and Valkyrie – not to mention his stand-up comedy and star-turn in the short-lived series The Riches – Izzard has also turned to writing and producing, as well as acting. He’s worked on NBC’s Hannibal and Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane, and is set to appear in the comics adaptation Powers. Now, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Izzard is set to adapt Timothy Hallinan’s crime-comedy novel series Junior Bender for the small screen.

NBC has secured Izzard to co-write Junior Bender alongside Royal Pains executive producer Jessica Bell, and frequent Izzard collaborator Sarah Townsend. The project focuses on a high-end thief in Los Angeles who moonlights as a private-eye for criminals – when the crooks can’t go to the cops, they go to Junior Bender. Novelist Hallinan has written four Junior Bender novels, beginning in 2010 and ending this year. It’s not yet clear if the project will draw on all four novels, or choose to focus on the opening one Crashed.

The bigger question, of course, is whether or not Izzard will put in an appearance or stay solidly behind the scenes. He’s not contracted to actually play a part in Junior Bender, but it would be fun to see him on the screen once more.

In any case, we will at least get to see what Izzard does behind the scenes on Junior Bender. No word yet on when the production will air, or if it will just be a one-off thriller, but it sounds like an interesting project. I’m fairly willing to give a chance to anything that Izzard involves himself in.

We’ll be sure to bring you more news on Junior Bender as it arises, so stay tuned!