Eliza Coupe Will Travel Through Time In Hulu’s Comedy Future Man


Strike one for that potential Happy Endings movie revival rumor from last week; one of that show’s former leads, Eliza Coupe, has landed a new role on Hulu’s sci-fi comedy pilot Future Man, where she’ll join co-lead Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games).

The brains behind the scenes of Future Man are Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (This Is The End), and the show will be written by Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir. It revolves around a janitor-slash-gamer aptly named Josh, who is visited by a group of people from the future who claim that he is the key to preventing humanity’s extinction.

If that wasn’t weird enough, Coupe’s role is described as a bad-ass soldier named Tiger, who herself is from the future and recruits Josh to help her save the world from “the imminent super-race invasion.” Even weirder yet, Tiger is described as a character from within “Cybergeddon,” the video game that Josh is obsessed with, which turns out to be some kind of training exercise in culling the best soldiers for battle.

Sounds like Hulu’s throwing a lot at the wall with this one to see what sticks, so hopefully the great cast and behind-the-scenes talent can make it work. If you’re interested in Future Man‘s premise, Ernest Cline’s newest novel Armada has a similar set-up (he’s the guy that wrote Ready Player One).

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Source: Deadline

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