Enraged Over Entourage

"Vince and the Boys"

"Vince and the Boys"

Note: There are no spoilers on this page about the upcoming season. Everything about the future of the show is opinion.

When HBO’s hit show Entourage debuted in 2004, it gained an immediate fan base interested in the story of an up and coming A-lister and his friends living the good life in Hollywood. Season after season, fans would immerse themselves into this fantasy world filled with Ferraris, alcohol and women, and end off the season completely satisfied. But right at the show’s pinnacle of greatness, season 6 happened.

In season 6, Entourage took a drastic turn for the worse by turning protagonist Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) into a mere sidekick. Throughout season 6, Vince was once again successful due to his recent blockbuster “Gatsby”. However, instead of showing the audience Vinny’s success, the writers focused more on the rest of the entourage’s struggle to make a name for themselves. This accomplished 2 things:

1. It pissed off fans: Season 6 has had very negative feedback from the fans. In other words, it sucked. The show became about 3 mediocre guys who were friends with a celebrity. We watched as Johnny Drama struggled to be on yet another TV show, and lets be honest, no one wants to watch a show about TV actors. Eric went to work as a manager in a big firm and dated that obnoxious she-devil Ashley. As for Turtle, he went to College, and if anyone wanted to watch a show about college students they would watch NBC’s Community. Fans were left unsatisfied as they watched another show about people like them, rather than watching a rich celeb fornicate.

2. It developed the characters & plot: A bad season happens in most TV shows. Sometimes shows need to develop the characters in the show in order to make way for an interesting plot in the future. Ex: Dexter‘s subpar season 3 made way for the brilliant season 4. Hopefully Entourage will take the same course as Dexter, and use season 6 as the foundation for an epic new season.

The first episode of season 7 airs tonight at 10:30 on HBO. I think that we will be seeing much more of Vince this season, and he will once again be the focus of the show. The writers have  always given Vince a pattern of good and bad. In one season he’s rich, in the next he’s living with his mom. He is on the top of the celebrity world one season, and in the next he can’t find a job. This being said, I predict that this pattern will continue, and unfortunately something will happen to Vince this season. I have no clue what will happen. It could be something as repetitive as him making another bad movie, or something as drastic as him getting trapped under rubble in Haiti (too soon?). I guess we’ll have to wait 8 and a half hours to find out.

Feel free to post your thoughts on what will happen this season.

– Sammy P.