Entourage Season 7-01 ‘Stunted’ Recap

Last night the seventh season of Entourage premiered on HBO and to say the least, it was quite disappointing. Littered with story arcs that went no where and scenes that were pure filler, I think it’s safe to say that this was the show’s worst premiere since it began.There is no doubt that while once a great show, Entourage has started to go down, not only in ratings but also in the quality of the show. Last night’s episode was so bad that even Ari couldn’t save it. Usually my favorite character and the best character to watch, Ari offered nothing. No making fun of Llyod, no good one liners, none of his usual jackass persona, nothing. His story arc went nowhere and he was pretty much useless in this episode.

Not much happened in the episode. Vince attempts to be his own stuntman for his new film (which we got no information about),  Ari, once again neglects his wife, Turtle faces problems in his business and Drama gets screwed over again.

The episode was just boring. Turtle’s ridiculous sub plot was complete throw away and how many times do we really need to see Drama dealing with employment troubles? Vinnie’s stunt deal was completely unbelieveable, a star like Vince would never do his own stunts. Very few stars do their own stunts and in real life I could not see a studio being ok with Vince doing his own stunts. I know that they didn’t tell the studio that Vince was doing it but once again, that also probably wouldn’t happen in real life. You can’t gamble with the life of an actor who is worth millions to the studio. Plus, Vince has had no experience doing stunts, this isn’t like Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone or Tom Cruise. Vince is not an action movie star, he has no experience with stunt work.

E and Sloan were basically ghosts in the episode as neither of them had anything of value to say and Sloan especially was overlooked as she was hardly in the episode. We got one useless scene with her and E. Their upcoming marraige is supposed to be a big deal yet we barely got any information on it.

The episode went nowhere, none of the sub plots were long term. Everything that was started was also finished in the episode. You can easily start this season by watching the next episode and you’d be fine because you wouldn’t of missed a thing. The problem is, the show really has nothing left to do. It has nowhere to go. They’ve given Vince everything, they’ve thrown at him all the typical Hollywood star problems and there just isn’t anything left to write about. Everything has been used up.

Instead of giving us a hodgepodge of boring story arcs that go nowhere, why not present one or two big conflicts that lasts for the whole season. It was only the first episode, so we still may get some big long running conflicts. For now though I can’t say I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Hopefully they can turn it around though.