Entourage Season 7-03 ‘Dramedy’ Recap

Another week and another solid episode of Entourage. After getting off to a weak start with the premiere, the show has picked it up and things are starting to take off. Last night’s episode didn’t provide much in the way of plot development but it did give us a nice handful of guest stars and some great scenes.

So what happened this week on Entourage? Firstly, Turtle seems to be having financial problems. His business is failing and Marvin lays down the law. Turtle’s money problems lead to a phone call from Alex who is pissed about her check bouncing. The two talk and Alex tells Turtle about a way that they can make money down in Mexico. We don’t find out what it is but it sounds sketchy.

We do get some more E and Sloan scenes this week which was nice, but it was nothing too significant.  Speaking of E, he seems to be getting edged out a bit. Scotty seems to be Vince’s new best friend and E isn’t taking it well. The tension between E and Scotty leads to a scuffle between the two at the end.

Drama’s career finally seems to be looking up for the first time in a while. Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm makes a cameo and gives Drama a script for his new TV show. The show is a sitcom and would have Drama doing comedy. Drama takes the script to Phil Yagota who gets the studio to cast John Stamos as Drama’s brother. This doesn’t sit well with Johnny.

Vince continues to go through his midlife crisis as this episode sees him buying a motorcycle. He continues to hang out with Scotty and act like a child. While out with Scotty, the two bump into Randall Wallace who tells Vince he has a script for him. Vince’s storyline culminates in the Scotty and Vince hitting up an auction where they have a bit of fun with two girls.

Ari has a few good scenes this episode and this week we see him having some issues with Lizzie. Lizzie wants to be head of the TV department but Ari isn’t going to let that happen. Mrs. Ari is also not happy with Ari as she is still upset over what she saw last week.

Overall I enjoyed this episode. Introducing Scotty into the dynamic is making things interesting. E is clearly getting jealous and Vince seems to be loving Scotty’s company. I’m not sure how this is going to end but I don’t think it will end well. I’m guessing Vince is going to have to choose eventually between Eric and Scotty.

Like last week, the ‘Vince as a daredevil’ plot continues to get more interesting and it’s a nice change for the character. Although Vince doesn’t do anything too daring like he did in last episode, we still get to see him living it up through his new lifestyle. He still has that laid back attitude and I think it’s going to somehow get him in trouble.

The Turtle storyline continues to disappoint as it just feels so pointless. Alex is still annoying and I can’t see this Mexico business opportunity turning out well. I’m guessing Turtle is going to get in trouble somehow if he chooses to participate.

The Adrian Peterson cameo felt a bit forced but the other cameos worked fine and it was nice seeing Babs and Marvin back in the show. Lizzie’s storyline ends interestingly this week and without spoiling anything I’m just going to say I think she is going to be an important part of the season.

I’m starting to like the character of Scotty and although I’m sure Vince will never screw over E intentionally, I think there will be a major conflict involving the three of them very soon.

Last night was another solid episode of Entourage and I can’t wait until next week!