Entourage Season 7-06 ‘Hair’ Recap

After watching this episode I couldn’t help but to think, what is Vince doing with his life? Honestly, he’s on the brink of a major movie deal and he’s just making stupid decisions. Sasha is a bad influence on him and if he stays on the course he’s currently on, he’s going to end up crashing.

As the episode ended we saw Vince, naked, passed out on the side of the pool. I’m going to guess there’s nothing seriously wrong with him but he’s still a mess.

So we know Vince is in trouble, he’s screwing up all over the place and neither E or Ari seem to have a handle on him. This episode he ‘Tweeted” that he was starting a Tequila company and Turtle uploaded some racy videos of him onto Twitter. Of course this upset Shauna and to make matters worse, when Ari comes to see Vince at the end of the episode, Vince is passed out by the pool with Sasha.

I knew from the first episode that something wasn’t right with Vince. He just doesn’t care anymore. He’s about to strike a huge deal with the studio and now they aren’t even sure they want him anymore. He better clean up his act soon or he’s going to find himself out of a job.

Billy Walsh came back this episode and unlike Vince, he means business. He has cleaned up (no drinking, no smoking and no swearing) and he wants to get back into directing. He approaches Eric and asks for his help. It’s kind of ironic seeing that the two hated each other a few seasons ago. Although Eric tells him he has to think about it, I think the two will end up working together.

Speaking of Eric, him and Scotty are doing well for themselves. They’re practically running their agency and Scotty is convincing Eric to cut out both Ari and Murray. He thinks they could handle everything themselves. While he could be right, I can’t help but to feel he is somehow negatively influencing Eric.

The feud between Ari and Amanda/Lizzie continues to play out and Ari is getting royally screwed. Lizzie decides not to sue him, instead she leaks recordings (of Ari harassing his employees) to Deadline Hollywood. Ari is clearly freaking out and it leads him to deliver one of the funniest lines all season. He tells his assistant he doesn’t want to speak to anyone. To make his point ultra clear he yells “I don’t care if Justin Bieber calls and wants to negotiate the rights to his virginity.” Absolute classic line.

Ari is screwed, that’s really the only way to put it. I honestly think we are going to see Ari take a huge hit this season. I don’t think he’ll lose the agency but something is going to happen. To be honest, I feel bad. Yes he is a jerk sometimes but overall he’s a good guy, he doesn’t deserve this.

Drama was useless this episode. Still depressed about his failing career, he takes to drinking and spends the episode drunk and continuously drinking. He was actually pretty annoying and I didn’t enjoy any of his scenes.

Turtle’s storyline this episode revolved around him trying to close with Alex. It actually provided for some pretty funny moments and this is one of the first Turtle storylines that I enjoyed this season. For the past couple episodes I didn’t enjoy his storylines at all. This week was pretty funny though and I’m glad to see things are working out for him.

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode. For those complaining there hasn’t been enough sex or nudity this season and that they’ve toned it down, this episode should change your mind. There’s quite a bit of it. Oh, and also we get to see a quick scene with Dana Gordon. She makes a brief appearance when she calls Ari about Vince.

I enjoyed tonight’s episode and didn’t really have any complaints with it. It had a couple great lines and seeing Ari melting down was great. Billy Walsh is awesome as usual and I hope him and E team up.

Check back next week for another Entourage recap.