Entourage Season 7-10 ‘Lose Yourself’ Recap

So the season finale, after only ten short weeks, season seven of Entourage has come to a close. Was it everything fans were hoping for? Probably, it was a fitting end to an overall enjoyable season. Aside from a few too many cameos, it was still a pretty entertaining episode and I think it was one of the best of the season.

Yet again, the show decides to go for the ‘things aren’t looking good for Vince’ ending. As the episode starts, Vince is missing, no one has seen him and the boys are worried. It turns out he went to Scott’s house late at night wanting to do some cocaine. After Scott turned him away, Vince went off the radar.

The boys fear the worst but as we soon find out, Vince is on the set of Sasha’s new movie. Strung out on drugs, he decides at the last minute he doesn’t want Sasha doing the film. This leads to a fight and the two seemingly break up on the set. Vince storms off in anger.

Meanwhile the gang decides to call an intervention. When Vince arrives home they ambush him. Walsh, Eric, Turtle, Drama, Ari, Scott, they’re all there waiting for him. Of course Vince isn’t too pleased with this and he flips out on them and leaves.

Vince isn’t the only one having problems though. Eric realizes there may be problems with his upcoming marriage. He has dinner with Sloan’s father, Terrence, but is shocked when Terrence asks him to sign a prenup. He thinks Eric is only marrying Sloan for the money. Eric gets upset and confronts Sloan about it. She tells him they’ll talk about it when he gets home and he agrees.

Ari suffers further setbacks in his personal life when despite his best efforts, the wife decides to leave him, or take some time apart, as she puts it. Ari is crushed and I honestly feel really bad for him. He doesn’t deserve it, he loves his wife and is always good to her and the kids. I hope they get back together.

Drama doesn’t do much this episode but Turtle makes some progress with Mark Cuban. They negotiate some new terms on the Tequila deal and Turtle gets his way. Mark warns him not to screw it up though.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Vinnie in a hotel room alone. He’s drinking and doing cocaine. He then decides to crash Eminem’s party which is in the same hotel. He walks around being rude and offending guests and when asked to leave he refuses. Drama tracks Vince down and tries to bring his brother home. Vince refuses though. He tells the bouncer that he is a friend of Em’s. Eminem comes over and says that it’s cool and Vince can stay.

High and drunk, Vince starts up with Eminem and insults him. This leads to a huge brawl where Vince gets the shit beaten out of him. He’s rushed to the hospital and the gang gathers at the hospital to see him.

Against the doctors orders, Vince leaves the hospital. He’s got black eyes, blood all over his face, most likely a broken nose, he looks like a mess. As he’s walking out a cop stops him. Vince tells the cop to call his lawyers and he walks off. The cop yells back that he thinks it’s a good idea if he talks to Vince directly. When Vince asks why, the cop holds up a bag of cocaine that they found in Vince’s clothes. And with that, the episode ends.

To be honest, I don’t think Vince will get in serious trouble. It’s a small bag of coke and with his lawyers, money and star power, he won’t get too severe of a punishment. Sure it will hurt his career but I don’t think he’s finished yet. His Peter Berg movie is probably done but I think he’ll bounce back.

I think we’ll see problems arise in Eric and Sloan’s relationship in the next season. E seemed very rattled at Terrence’s request. Could this lead to a break up? Maybe, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I think Ari will reunite with the wife but it may take a while. A full out divorce doesn’t seem likely. She’s just upset and she needs some time away. I don’t think Ari fully deserves it but hopefully he’ll win her back.

Next season I’m guessing we see Vince in rehab or maybe jail but just for a bit, maybe an episode or two, then he’ll bounce back. I’m guessing E and Sloan’s relationship will take some kind of hit, will they break up, not sure but it is possible. Drama’s TV show will probably get going next year and with Turtle, the writers will probably just carry over his Tequila storyline. As for Mr. Gold, I’m guessing it’s only an episode or two before the wife comes back.

Anyways that’s about it. What did you think of the finale?