Entourage Season 8-06 ‘The Big Bang’ Recap

As we begin this week’s episode of Entourage, Vince is in a dapper looking Vanity Fair photo shoot while all of the guys are having a group discussion about each of their lives. The ramifications of E’s bonehead work/relationship moves are being analyzed and Vince is curious/worried about the impending release of an article after a less than stellar interaction with the reporter interviewing him. Drama is gaining headway on the miner TV movie, and Turtle is awaiting the owners of Don Pepe’s, his newest business venture.

Elsewhere, Ari is discussing the issue of divorce with his lawyer where he is worried about being part of the next Dodger-owner level type split.  He is starting to realize just how bad this could get when his lawyer suggests that he may have to sell part of the company because of Mrs. Ari’s financial stake in it.  Knowing that his back is against the wall, Ari asks for a loan from Babs due to his impending legal battles, who agrees on the grounds that she gets a majority position in the company.

Turtle greets his new business partners at the airport, with someone finally commenting on the fact that Turtle now weighs a buck fifty. He quickly sees that they are looking to get the Hollywood treatment and he starts to think the have different motives for their visit, and that his investment is in peril.

Vince sees the final draft of the interview, and does not like what he sees. He decides to confront the reporter. Finding her eating lunch, he complains about her depiction of him as a misogynist.  She retorts by giving him the advice of not coming on so strong to a reporter doing a major interview. Burned!

Meanwhile, Iron Chef Bobby Flay is putting on the full court press with Mrs. Gold, in Ari’s house by the way, when her soon to be ex makes a surprise visit. Ari catches a whiff of what was most likely excellent cooking and goes to confront the chef.  With a surprisingly calm demeanour (I am saying that too much this season), Ari acquiesces in the end and exits in a depressed state.

After getting a verbal beat down by Billy and hearing the network is considering shutting down Johnny Bananas because of the actor’s strike, Drama immediately goes over to Dice’s place to try and get him to get back to work, but the comic continues to take a hard line stance.  Phil Yagoda calls and gives him an ultimatum about not only Johny Bananas, but also the miner movie, which the producer can make or break. Drama stands strong though and does not buckle. Almost immediately after, Phil calls Dice, who in turn tells Drama that the network caved and the show is back on. Solidarity!

Johnny Galecki‘s purpose as a character on the show is finally unveiled as he has an interesting conversation with E during a lunch with Melinda, where he basically tells E that he and Sloan are “very” close.  Who thought the Rosanne actor was such a scumbag?  It seems like E could not be in a more precarious position when it comes to relationships.

This week the storylines have been fleshed out and consequences, both good and bad, have started to pile up.  Drama’s act of solidarity was a surprisingly savvy decision, and Dice has proven to be a hard-nosed business person. Who would have thought?

Turtle seems to be paying for being too impatient by getting out of a seemingly lucrative investment in Avion, and moving on to try and bring a generic sounding Italian restaurant to Hollywood.

Granted, since I am seeing Avion billboards all over the place in real life, Don Pepe’s is probably real and the producers are plugging it. Let’s hope its not another Saigon.

Meanwhile, E is finding himself as part of a soap opera, and Ari is continuing to get the karmic ass kicking that he may or may not deserve. As for our star, well, he is worried about a bad interview…..boring.

This was a relatively uneventful episode in my opinion, but again capped off with a funny ending involving Scott, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

Honestly, I’m still expecting a great ending for Entourage, despite some mediocre episodes, but with only two weeks left, they’re really going to have to kick it up a notch.