An Epic Saga Begins In Promo For Next Week’s Inhumans


Is Inhumans the worst thing that Marvel’s ever done? That depends on who you ask, but very likely, the majority of people will tell you that yes, it absolutely is. Personally, I think that it’s still better than the dreadful snoozefest that was Iron Fist, but that’s just me. Regardless of how you feel about the studio’s latest effort on the small screen, it’s now arrived and its first season is well underway after kicking off last night with the first two episodes.

While the ratings weren’t catastrophic, things certainly don’t look too good for Inhumans right now. Originally hatched as a big-budget addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, during which time the likes of Vin Diesel and other Hollywood stars were tipped to climb on board, the beleaguered project was later repackaged as an eight-part TV show, one which still retained its cinematic DNA through those much-hyped IMAX scenes.

The journey to the small screen hasn’t been without problems of its own, though, after the first wave of reviews deemed Marvel and ABC’s latest venture to be a “visual bust.” Those knee-jerk reactions began to surface soon after the show’s IMAX premiere, which took place at the beginning of the month when Marvel rolled out the opening two episodes of Inhumans across participating IMAX theaters. And now that it’s finally arrived on television, the reactions seem to be more or less the same, as viewers at home finally got the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

Right now, it’s up for debate whether Inhumans can pull through and earn itself a second season, but it’ll definitely be back next week for its third episode and up above, you can get a taste of what’s to come when it returns. The promo teases an epic saga that’s about to unfold and the official summary goes into a bit more detail on what we should expect.

After fleeing their home, The Inhumans desperately search for each other in the wake of Maximus’ coup. Now they must learn who they can trust on Earth.

If you’re still interested to see more from the show, you can tune into ABC next Friday at 9pm EST to catch up with Black Bolt, Medusa and the rest of the gang. But tell us, when the time comes for the network to determine the fate of Inhumans, do you think they’ll pull the plug? Or issue the green light and hope to mount a redemption story for season 2? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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