How Old Is Erwin Smith In Attack On Titan?

Attack on Titan Erwin

Erwin Smith is one of the most important characters in Attack on Titan as both an integral part of the show’s plot and one of the front-line defenders against the titan threat.

As commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin has led troops into battle for the sake of mankind and been forced to make extremely difficult decisions regarding the survival of his soldiers.

While he is one of the secondary focal characters in Attack on Titan, the show gives us some insight into his origins and the specific details about Erwin.

Attack on Titan Erwin

How old is Erwin Smith?

Unfortunately, neither the show nor any of its related material gives us an exact age of Erwin, but when we meet him in the show he looks to be in his mid 30’s.

The best information we can go off is that when we first meet Erwin in the show the year is 850. Around 825 it’s revealed that Erwin’s father revealed his suspicions to his son that humanity had their memories erased when the walls were built. At this time, Erwin is said to be old enough to be a student so he likely around 10 years of age at the time. Shortly after informing his son, Erwin’s father is arrested and killed leading to him becoming determined to find the truth about his father’s ideas.

Right now, that is all the information the series has given us to go off of so it isn’t possible to know exactly his age during the events of the series.