Ethan Hawke admits ‘Moon Knight’ wasn’t his first time flirting with the MCU

moon knight

When Ethan Hawke was first announced to have boarded the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series Moon Knight as the main antagonist, it made a huge amount of sense, because he’s exactly the sort of actor the franchise loves to recruit for supporting and/or villainous roles.

With a career dating back decades that’s seen him lend his talents to acclaimed independent dramas, pulpy genre films, and the occasional effects-driven blockbuster or two, the four-time Academy Award nominee’s credentials are much the same as countless other recognizable faces to have stopped by Kevin Feige’s sandbox over the years.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as all that much of a surprise to discover that Moon Knight isn’t the first time Hawke had discussed a role with Marvel Studios, although it took them a while to get on the same wavelength as to which project would be the best use of his talents, as he revealed to Collider.

“There’d been a few dances in the past, there’s been a couple parts that I wanted or was interested in that they weren’t interested in me for. And there were some other parts that I didn’t feel like I could be successful in, but this one just felt right.”

Hawke previously admitted that it was Oscar Isaac who brought Moon Knight to his attention and ultimately convinced him to take the plunge on breaking bad in the hotly-anticipated event series, and if their onscreen chemistry lives up to the clear rapport they’ve displayed on the promotional circuit, then sparks are going to fly when Marc Spector and Arthur Harrow share the screen.