Eva Longoria Has A Supernatural Anthology Series In Development At NBC

Eva Longoria

Having been popular in the 1950s, the concept of the anthology TV series had become kind of un-hip by the 1980s. Dramarama, CBS Summer Playhouse, Faerie Tale Theater and Amazing Stories were about as interesting as it got. It seems that now, however, networks just can’t get enough of the anthology format – and, since it is changing the face of television, it is hardly surprising that a growing roster of well-known names are climbing aboard the bandwagon. The latest entry on the list is an as-yet unnamed supernatural anthology series – originating from Eva Longoria‘s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment label – now in development at NBC.

Characterized as a supernatural thriller with a realistic tone, it sounds as though Longoria’s latest foray into producing (after the TV show Devious Maids, and the upcoming movie John Wick) will be built upon the idea that darkly fantastical stories can be terrifying if they are grounded in reality. To achieve this, the long-term intention for this show is apparently to have each season centre on a specific legend from Hispanic folklore, while setting the action in present-day Southwest USA.

Season one features La Llorona – the ancient Hispanic tale of the ‘weeping woman.’ According to the legend, she drowned her children for the affection of a man and is doomed to walk the earth forever searching for them – occasionally stealing children that resemble her own. The show will see a troubled detective tasked with investigating a young mother facing accusations of a similar crime, who lives in a small Southwest town that is hiding a big secret.

The series will be written by Andrea Newman (24, Chicago Fire), who will also executive produce the series alongside Longoria and Ben Spector (Trust). If successful in its development, it will join returning anthology series, such as American Horror Story, True Detective and Fargo in the schedules. Those shows each regularly attract stellar cast members, and it will be interesting to see whether Eva Longoria‘s latest project can achieve the same.

Source: Deadline