Even as ‘Loki’ fans await season 2, they’re dissecting how season 1 could’ve been better

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One of the most fascinating things about the widespread appeal of the MCU and its television spin-offs is how fans break down and analyze a show or movie once it is finished. And recently, a Reddit thread raised some interesting points about Lokiincluding suggestions as to how it could have been made better. 

Reddit user Genneth_Kriffin posted a thread titled “Am I the only one that wish the story would have continued as a Detective show?” to the Loki subreddit. Genneth_Kriffin starts the discussion by saying: “First off, I really liked the show from start to finish. However, I liked the first two episodes the most by far.” 

They then explain that they loved these episodes because of the: “concept of Loki and Mobius trying to catch the murderous Loki Variant with the weird futuristic retro TVA as the backdrop, with Mobius acting like a psychologist.” Adding that: “Episode 1 and 2 are comparatively dark, the murdering Loki Variant feels ominous and cruel.” 

However, their main complaint is that the show shifted after the third episode. Especially that “Sylvie quickly goes from dangerous mastermind to emphatic, dissolving the tension of the mysterious murderer plot.” And that the TVA felt like they got downgraded, ending up as “Judge and her handful of mall cops wielding one-shot batons.” 

Other users quickly came into the thread to give their opinion of the show. Many users agreed with Genneth_Kriffin’s opinion of the show. This includes one user who said the “flip to sympathetic Sylvie was waaayy too quick.”

Some users argued that the show needed more episodes to fully tell its story with good and even pacing. This includes one user who sums it up by saying: “We need more than 6 to carry on a season. My only gripe not enough episodes so everything is extremely rushed.”

Others noted that changing the show would have led to Mobius and Loki getting more time together and a more fleshed-out relationship. One sums it up by saying: “Mobius could’ve also been fleshed out, and, this is just my personal opinion, but made a little more morally grey. Mobius and Loki as a team could’ve gone from strangers to actual friends, with the more toxic elements of their dynamic explored and solved.” 

However, some of the comments are much angrier. One user responded by saying that: “It feels like they had the story all figured out, but then they decided to squeeze that godawful Sylki storyline in the there somewhere. It completely threw me off and not in a good way.” 

While we don’t know what season 2 of Loki will bring, fan discussions of the first season give us a fascinating insight into what Marvel fans want from their shows. It also shows that even something as big as the MCU makes mistakes sometimes. 

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