Even the vaguest of hints from Oscar Isaac raises hopes for big ‘Moon Knight’ news

Marvel / Disney Plus

Moon Knight remains one of our favorite entries in the ever-expanding Disney Plus MCU lineup. Oscar Isaac blew us away as Steven Grant/Marc Spector, the psychological focus and surreal visuals were impeccably executed, and it took us on a tour of some of the franchise’s weirder corners.

Despite Moon Knight being a critical and ratings hit that ended on a Jake Lockley-sized cliffhanger, we’re now months on from the season finale and have no confirmation whether it’ll ever return for a second season. However, we may have been gifted a clue after Isaac dropped the vaguest of hints during his appearance at New York Comic Con. Naturally, fans went nuts for even the slightest sliver of news.

While this is obviously a positive sign for Moon Knight fans, we shouldn’t take this as confirmation that the show is returning for a full-on second season. After all, the nature of the MCU may mean that Steven Grant/Marc Spector’s story will next be continued in a movie or show centered on another hero.

After Werewolf by Night, the MCU has begun stacking up its horror-themed monster characters, with Blade sure to cement vampires into the lore. Perhaps the long-awaited Midnight Sons team-up might be coming, with Moon Knight more than deserving a place on the squad?

We suspect the delay in confirming Moon Knight‘s return is down to contractual agreements and scheduling for Isaac, but perhaps the wheels are finally turning over at Marvel Studios. Let’s hope for an official announcement soon.