Every Form Naruto Has Ever Taken

It’s no doubt that Naruto is one of, if not the strongest character in the Naruto series, and a big part of the reason why has been the multiple forms that he’s been able to adapt to along the way. 

From the end of the very first Naruto series until the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden, we’ve seen Naruto’s strength grow as he becomes closer to the nine-tailed fox and learns of other great ninja techniques such as Sage Mode.

For those Naruto fans who are looking for a refresher or for new viewers who want to see how extreme Naruto’s power gets throughout the series, here is every form that Naruto assumes throughout the series.

One-Tailed Cloak

At the climax of the Sasuke Recovery Mission arc, Naruto finds his first true Jinchuriki chakra form while facing off against Sasuke. The one-tailed cloak looks like a veil of the nine-tailed fox’s chakra surrounding Naruto as he takes on primal instincts. Prior to this, we’d seen Naruto exude the nine-tails chakra, but this was the first time it had taken a physical appearance.

Four Tails Transformation

After reaching the One-Tailed Cloak form, it would be some time before Naruto would enter the next transformation, which would occur as a teenager when facing off against Orochimaru during the Naruto Shippuden “Long-Awaited Return” arc. This form sees Naruto lose most of his human traits in favor of a beastlike form. Being in this form also grants Naruto the ability to use the extremely powerful tailed beast bomb Jutsu; however, the cost is that he loses most of his human instincts.

Sage Mode

During the Pain’s Invasion arc of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto first showcases his newly learned Sage Mode abilities, which allow him to harness the power of nature. While this isn’t the most drastic transformation, we’ll still count it as a unique form of Naruto.

Six Tails Transformation

Also appearing during the Pain’s Invasion arc, the six-tails form of Naruto’s Jinchuriki transformation is one of the eeriest. Boasting a similar beast-like appearance to the previous four-tailed version, this state also includes the outer skeleton of the fox as Naruto becomes more like his tailed-beast counterpart.

Eight Tails Form

Right after entering his six-tailed state, Naruto is overwhelmed by Pain’s Planetary Devastation Jutsu and is forced to harness his tailed-beast chakra and enters the eight-tailed state in order to escape. Almost complete, this form looks just like the legendary nine-tailed fox, but without its chakra-like skin on its torso and upper body. As you’d imagine, as Naruto lets in more Jinchuriki chakra his strength grows substantially, making this an incredibly strong form.

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode (Stage 1)

Ahead of the fourth shinobi war, Naruto seeks out training to tame the nine-tailed beast sealed within him, Kuruma. After gaining control of the nine-tails, he is able to utilize its chakra to create a cloak around him while still maintaining full mental control over his actions. 

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode (Stage 2)

The Kuruma Chakra or Nine-Tails Chakra mode is similar to the previous Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, but with Kuruma’s chakra becoming a cloak to wear rather than an aura around Naruto. He can enter this state after he befriends the Jinchuriki and receives substantial amounts of power while remaining in complete control.

Six Paths Sage Mode

The six paths chakra mode is gifted to Naruto by its creator Hagoromo Ostutsuki and is one of the most powerful forms that Naruto can enter. The ability grants Naruto an abundance of new power and access to plenty of new powerful techniques.

Tailed Beast Form

Full Kuruma

The final form that Naruto reaches is the full-tailed beast transformation mode and it’s by far his most powerful. In this form, Naruto and Kurama make peace manifesting the nine-tailed Jinchuriki completely while allowing Naruto to remain in control of its power. Its appearance is of the great beast itself but with the markings and coat of Naruto’s Jinchuriki form. 

Complete Nine-Tails Chakra cloak

The latest time we’ve seen a new Naruto form was in Boruto when he showcases the power of the nine-tails chakra to scare off Shin Uchiha early in the series. While it may appear similar to other forms, Naruto shows the ability to attack with his tails with no need to move.

Baryon Mode

Baryon Mode is the latest form Naruto has taken during the events of Boruto and unsurprisingly it is his most powerful to date. This form may look sleek compared to others but it boasts faster speeds and stronger punches with the ability to passively kill off opponents. However, it also comes at a dangerous cost for Naruto himself, severely limiting the time he can remain in this form.