Exclusive New Clip From The Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold


Tensions are running high in The Discovery Channel’s gripping series Bering Sea Gold, as this exclusive sneak peek reveals. Taken from the episode Grounds For Divorce – set to air on Friday September 19th, 2014 – the show finds fan favourite dredger Vernon Adkison at loggerheads with his diving partner. It seems that weeks of simmering anger and frustration are about to reach boiling point in the frozen waters of Nome, Alaska.

Now in its fourth season, Bering Sea Gold follows the day-to-day operations of the crew of the Nome dredging fleet. With a number of independent teams working to find gold beneath thick sheets of ice, at the bottom of the Bering Sea, the popular series has successfully opened up a previously little-known vocation, and explored the variety of motivations for the characters that tackle it. With several family groups working together, the show has seen conflict and division shift workers between crews, leading to ever more complex relationships and heightened competition.

From Emmy Award winners Original Productions (The Deadliest Catch), Bering Sea Gold is also notable for documenting the career of Emily Riedel – the 26 year old successful dredger captain of The Eroica, and the first and only female dredge owner in the history of Nome. While her trials and tribulations in this male dominated industry make for fascinating viewing, it is the drama that unfolds on The Wild Ranger that sets pulses racing in this upcoming episode.

From The Discovery Channel press release:

“To the Nome dredging fleet, gold equals freedom. This year, the fortune seekers head out in search of the American dream – each determined to top last year’s record-setting gold haul. But can they put their personal battles aside, withstand the arctic environment and concentrate on finding treasure?

“Over the past three seasons, Vernon Adkison has leveraged everything he owns – with nearly a million in the hole – for his dream of striking the mother lode. For Vernon, the stakes have never been higher – and he’ll either make it or truly break it this season.”

With the pressure very much on in this already intense working environment, Vernon demonstrates in this preview just how dangerous his occupation can be – both physically and mentally – as he struggles with equipment on the ice, and confronts his partner about long-held resentments. Will he manage to defuse the situation in order to reach his goal? We’ll have to tune in to The Discovery Channel for Bering Sea Gold, on Friday 19th September at 9pm ET/PT, to find out.