Exclusive Interview With Todd Hoffman On Gold Rush


As Todd Hoffman’s mining operation finally seems to be getting back on track, thoughts inevitably turn to the future. In previous seasons, Hoffman and his team have always been the crew to roll the dice on radical ideas, though they do not always end in success. Audiences cannot help but wonder, are there any radical ideas or goals on the horizon, beyond this season?

“I can’t talk about next season’s goals because I filmed something that you will see soon to do with goals. So I can’t jump ahead but, that question will be answered. I just filmed my goals for next year. My goals for this year though? Let me tell you something – it’s 1000 ounces. Whether we can get it, or not is yet to be determined. That’s a lot of gold, especially coming out of the jungle situation that was very difficult.

“So, what you’re going to see in the remaining part of the season is unbelievable, you know – there’s going to be some lows, but there’s going to be some highs, too. If you haven’t been watching Gold Rush, this is where you want to jump on. You have time – we’re only, maybe a quarter of the season in – you can get back on board. Do some binge-watching… get on track… everybody on board!”

Gold Rush airs on Fridays at 9pm ET/PT on the Discovery Channel.