EXCLUSIVE: Joel McHale Says Community Still Has A Future

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NBC broke the hearts of Community fans everywhere when they cancelled the series back in May, squashing our hopes and dreams for not only a sixth season, but a movie as well (#sixseasonsandamovie!). We’ve heard some talk of the show being revived by streaming services like Hulu, but never any official confirmations about the possibility. Until now, that is.

Joel McHale, who played Jeff Winger on the series, was recently interviewed by We Got This Covered’s own Jami Philbrick at the press junket for Deliver Us From Evil. In between asking him questions about his part in the Scott Derrickson directed horror film, Jami couldn’t help but to inquire about the future of Community, which may be brighter than we originally thought:

WGTC: Is there a future for Community? 

McHale: Yes! We are doing a regional theater tour. I wouldn’t doubt that Dan [Harmon] would do something like that. Yeah, there is talk of it moving to HULU or some other internet platform. I don’t know but I know that there is talk, and I know that talk is good.

So that does not mean… that’s just talk until they go, “Oh, we have a bunch of money let’s go make the show.” I would love to do it. I’m on board, yes. If there was a bus that picks all the actors up, I would get on that bus. I always wanted there to be a sixth season and more, and a movie. So I’d be willing to do it. We’ll see.

So, while that’s not exactly confirmation that anything concrete will happen, it’s great to hear that there are talks happening behind closed doors which could potentially bring the show back. It’s been sad to see such a great series, with such a devoted (if small) fanbase behind it struggle year after year, only to bite the dust so unceremoniously. Luckily for us, there just may be hope yet that we’ll see the likes of Jeff, Annie, Britta, Abed, Shirley, Troy, and the rest of the Greendale gang on the small screen once more!