Exclusive Video Interview: Deborah Ann Woll Talks Marvel’s Daredevil


It seemed like the last thing we needed was another superhero series. With the recent starts of The Flash, Agent Carter and Gotham drawing sizeable audiences, too much overexposure could have easily sunk Marvel’s Daredevil. Not only that, but due to a poorly received film adaptation starring Ben Affleck, you couldn’t blame audiences for being wary of the new Netflix series.

Thankfully, the doubtful were soon silenced, as the 13-episode first season has received rave reviews (including one from We Got This Covered) and is drawing comparisons to shows like The Wire. One factor of the series’ success is its MA-rating. Daredevil is an, ahem, daring show, filled with gory set-pieces, a dreary and shadowy aesthetic, and disturbing subject matter.

The gritty, compelling drama is also buoyed by a number of excellent performances. One of the standouts is actress Deborah Ann Woll, best known for her role on HBO’s True Blood. Here, she portrays Karen Page, who is much more than just Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson’s secretary. Karen is a determined woman pursuing justice of her very own, teaming up with journalist Ben Urich to expose corruption in Hell’s Kitchen.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to meet the lovely Deborah Ann Woll in Toronto for the show’s press day. During our exclusive interview, she spoke about putting a new stamp on a beloved character, getting into Karen’s terrified headspace in a chilling pilot episode and how much of herself she sees in the character.

Check it out above and be sure to catch Daredevil as it’s now available on Netflix!