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Extended Promo For The Flash Fall Finale Arrives Along With Trivia Regarding The Hall Of Justice

Aside from showing us what's next for the DC TV crossover when it continues tonight on Arrow, The CW has granted us an extended look at "The Present," which will serve as the midseason finale for The Flash.

Aside from showing us what’s next for the DC TV crossover when it continues tonight on Arrow, The CW has granted us an extended look at “The Present,” which will serve as the midseason finale for The Flash.

Examining the footage provided, we can not only tell that Savitar would make Michael Bay proud, but that he has no problem hitting Team Flash where it hurts during the most wonderful time of the year – their homes. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Barry Allen hops over to Earth-3 to bring in Jay Garrick. After all, two Flashes are better than one, right?

When we take the trip to said alternate universe, expect to see Mark Hamill return as a different version of the Trickster (or Jokester or whatever they end up calling him), something many fans are no doubt looking forward to. Odds are, though, that his involvement is merely a cameo given that it wasn’t even included in the official synopsis or the above trailer, though he can be seen in these recently released photos.

Something else to ponder is when we’ll next see the new STAR Labs facility that bears great resemblance to the Hall of Justice from Super Friends. The incorporation of this locale delighted many a viewer as it served as a building block for an even larger DC TV universe.

Marc Guggenheim, executive producer on both Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, recently spoke with Flash TV News and lent a bit of trivia concerning the new superhero hangout. Here’s what he had to say:

“We were talking about where to put it — maybe it was an old warehouse or whatever. Someone said something that made me think, ‘You know, there’s this building in Cincinnati that is the basis for the Hall of Justice in the Super Friends. I’m sure there’s stock footage that we could then alter.’ That’s what we ended up doing.

“I was so giddily happy. It’s probably my favorite thing in the whole crossover: the Hall of Justice. Props to Encore who did an amazing job of altering it in all the right ways. Putting the waterpool in the front and the sculptures. There were some shots they turned dusk to day or day to night, made all that footage work great. 10-year-old me can die happy.”

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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