New Promo For Dexter Season Seven

Today Showtime brings us a real nail bitter. If you hadn’t already sensed the sarcasm and are looking forward to this ridiculously amazing teaser (again, sarcasm), then I’m sorry to disappoint you. This recently released promo for the seventh season of Dexter doesn’t really show much at all, which you probably inferred earlier from my cynicism.

Be that as it may,  Showtime does convey a sense of anticipation towards the premiere and who knows, maybe they’ll release some juicy footage this summer. It’s hard to even really recommend watching the promo below but hey, if you’re a fan and can spare 15 seconds, go for it. We’re warning you though, it’s rather pathetic and shows absolutely nothing.

Dexter returns with its seventh season on September 30th at 9PM ET/PT.

Sorry, this video is currently unavailable.