The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Debuts Fall 2020, Logo Revealed


The Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con is currently living up to the hype, with Avengers: Endgame announced to be the highest-grossing movie ever made, the full cast of The Eternals revealed and new details about who’s starring in Shang-Chi. It isn’t just about the big screen Marvel Cinematic Universe though, with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan taking the stage as well to deliver some new details about their upcoming Disney Plus series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Mackie just happened to be carrying Captain America’s shield and if that wasn’t enough of a hint, the new logo revealed by Marvel Studios certainly makes it seem as if Sam Wilson might well be suiting up in Cap’s iconic red, white and blue costume:

Marvel also dropped some new footage from the upcoming series, which confirmed that returning Captain America: Civil War villain Daniel Bruhl would be officially donning the purple mask of his comic book counterpart, Baron Zemo.

Mackie was keen to play up the bickering love/hate relationship between his character and Stan’s Bucky Barnes as well, telling the audience:

“With the Winter Soldier, I’m ready to see what ticks him off. How much ticking can that tock do, before that tock go boom?”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be the first MCU series to hit Disney Plus when it arrives in the fall of 2020, with WandaVision and Loki set to arrive the following spring. Not a huge amount of information was revealed about it, as Marvel tend to focus more on their big screen offerings at Comic-Con, but expect plenty of news about the show to drip out over the next few months, especially now that they’ve more or less confirmed that this is where we’ll get our first glimpse of Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America.